We deliver these basic shapes of swimming pools: rectangle and oval.

There are three types of edge (endpoint of swimming pool).
  1. It is edge 20 x 15cm – edge 15cm above the level of paving (it is 20cm extended area of swimming pool along entire perimeter 15cm above the ground)
  2. further it is lowered edge – lem edge at the level of paving (endpoint is blue polypropylene pipe of diameter 32mm and it can be encrust with pavement).
  3. the third type is with overflow – water level, slot and paving are at the same level.

zlabek1 zlabek2
Illustration of overflow pools


p1070341 snizeny2
Illustration of lowered edge


Illustration of aerial edge

Other shapes

We produce also other shapes than basic rectangle and oval, for example circles, eights, kidneys, small aerial child pools and other atypical shapes. Swimming pools have depths 1,2 – 1,5m and we produce except swimming pools with skimmer also with overflow pools. swimming pools can take place in the garden and also in the interior. You can enter into the swimming pool through stainless steel ladder or plastic stairs (see single pricelist).

atypicky firemni_bazen_02
Atypical pool Circle


We deliver complete swimming pool accessories like filters, filter shafts, nozzles, skimmers, piping, isolation, chemicals, solar covers, reel systems, solar showers, winter debris covers, counterflow systems, heat exchangers, ionizer, ozonizer, UV lamps and other devices for maintenance of water without chlorine, solar collectors, pool enclosures, sandstone pavings and other necessarily devices for functionality and comfort of your swimming pool.


  • swimming pools are produced in our company and we deliver it to customer altogether where we make setting of a pool and engagement od swimming pool accessories.
  • In case of impossibility of access to customer´s garden the swimming pool is produced at the place from pre-arranged parts.
  • If the swimming pool is bigger than 3,5 x 7,2m it must be produced at the place because transport is not possible.

Our swimming pools are specified into the ground. It is not self-supporting so it must be embed in concrete. Customer receive from us entire information how to prepare pit and concrete socket for swimming pool. These dirt moving and constructions we do not maintain.