Swimming pool must be settled on a concrete socket of thickness 10 – 15 cm. This socket have always same size as swimming pool plus 20 cm overrun on each side. In case of montage at customer, pit must overrun 60 cm more. Swimming pools must be placed in to the ground and concrete with wet concrete. Before concreting we must insulate a swimming pool with polystyrene (bottom and walls). Concreting is perform simultaneously with watering a swimming pool (more water ever!) and with help of inner shutter.

Fill swimming pool with 30 cm of water and concrete 20 cm band around whole pool (up to height 30 cm). At the same time gather up with soil (if pit is bigger). After petrifaction of concrete (mostly second day) fill swimming pool up to height of 60 cm and concrete it same way. While concreting see wall surface and upper edge of pool, everything must be straight. This way we continue till upside of swimming pool. We recommend concreting for 3 – 4 days.

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Concreting of stairs – at first align the stairs longitudinal and transverse via air level and chock off. Next moves is same as in pool concreting. Particular pitch must be perfectly concreted, otherwise pitch can bear down and it can damage whole stairs.

It is not suitable to concrete swimming pool when temperatures is higher than 30°C, expandability of material (polypropylene) upon this temperature causes buckling of walls and bottom. Heat-insulation must be performed hardened polystyrene. Insulation layer on the bottom must be minimum 2 cm and on walls it must be 3 cm.

Before winter time (frost) water level must be under the level of skimmer and jets. Swimming pool must stay watered through winter time. Clean out filtration to prevent its freezing and damage (details can be found in manual for filtration). Water pump and engine store in dry room protected before weather effects. Filtration should stay in filter shaft as near as possible to swimming pool.

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